The edge internships 2019

The edge is searching for one or two YEAR 13  students to represent our school in an internship.
They are unpaid and call for a year long commitment.
As ‘The Edge Brand Champions’ they will gain valuable ‘industry’ knowledge and
experience, all while taking on an ambassadorial role promoting Edge
competitions in your school which could be beneficial for the rest of the students.
During the one year internship they will receive hands on experience planning and
executing The Edge Interns promotions, on-air training and will voice their own
‘what’s on at our school’ commercials. At the end of the year, they will receive a
reference which will be an excellent start to their CV and a possible ‘foot in the
door’ should future employment opportunities arise.
It is very important that the right people are selected. This is why we are directly
approaching school Principals.
These students can be no shrinking violets! They need to be confident, outgoing
and have the leadership skills and personality traits that inspire others and motivate
fellow students to participate.

Email if you are interested and write a short statement explaining why you wish to take this opportunity, what your plans are post school , and what key skills or attributes you offer. Or just come in and see us in careers if interested