Free holiday camp at Lincoln University: Rabobank Food Production

Rabobank in conjunction with Lincoln University & NZ Young Farmers are holding four day camp at Lincoln University during the first week of the school holidays (13th – 16th April). The whole idea of this camp is to:

–          Introduce YEAR 12 or 13 students to as many career paths related to the agricultural/food production supply chain as possible

–          To engage students via interactive activities and on-site visits

–          To engage students utilising young people working in the sector

–          To increase understanding related to the agriculture sector

–          To broaden students’ knowledge regarding pay, conditions, perks and future opportunities in agriculture careers.

–          To keep the activities short, snappy and engaging.

Did I mention that the camp is fully funded? Absolutely zero cost! This includes all accommodation and food. All the students have to do is turn up. I can even provide transport if needed.

Our Target Audience – We are not after students that already know that they want to head into this sector. We are more looking for students that don’t really know much about the industry and are unsure what they want to do and also potentially keen at pursing their interest in this awesome industry, in which this camp would be an excellent starting point.